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File hand-off checklist

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Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to help Catalyst Studios host a short workshop for print designers looking to make the transition to interactive. As with many people in this situation, our attendees wondered how to streamline the process of moving their design from concept to production and specifically ...

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Pixel Perfect

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Here are 7 great tips about what goes into great web design. 1. Spacing 2. Pixel Perfect Detail 3. Typography 4. Organization of Elements 5. Restraint & Subtlety 6. Using Color 7. Do Something New have more? Leave em in the comments.

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Actionscript Lecture Notes

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Here's the Keynote from the "What Is Actionscript" Lecture feel free to grab the pdf from

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CS3 Video Tutorials

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Seems that Adobe has managed to keep the CS3 video workshop alive even after the release of CS4. Here's the link.

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Flash 2 Projects

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Take a look at the cool ideas from Flash 2 View online

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One Question:Many Answers

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Whats the most important thing I would tell a design student? Always always come to class on time, sit in the front row, do your homework... Just kidding. Here's a great post by Brian Yerkes about the "Most important thing I would tell a design student". This is a pretty ...

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I know we have a lot of Shepard Fairey fans around here so I thought people might want to check out this interview covering his art, design, life...

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Make it Shiny

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We all know that sometimes the very best ideas can be overlooked in favor of something thats much prettier, but lacks depth. So now you've got a great idea, but maybe you could use a little help with the polish. Here's a round up of tutorial sites on various topics ...

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Mac FTP Apps

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Ok so its time to get your project online. Step 1: Find some FTP software so you can upload your files to the server. Here are a few favorites Transmit (mac) CyberDuck (mac) - free FileZilla (Mac/PC) - free

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After Effects

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If any of you want to follow up on our After Effects demo last week, you can take a look at a few of these tutorials. Creative Cow Video Copilot GrayMachine Pixel2Life

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