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Quarter Project MAS Lab 707

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Option 1 – Portfolio website

  1. 5-7 Work samples
  2. Resume/About
  3. Contact Information
  4. Use of flash to enhance story not detract from content

Lots of examples at OnePageFolios & NetDiver Portfolios

Option 2 – Choose your own adventure (animation)

  1. minimum 4 sections
  2. end of each section must present a choice (go here or there)

Option 3 – Flash enhanced project pitch

  1. Use Flash to enhance what might have been a simple board pitch
  2. Flash shows process or system that may not have been understood with boards
  3. Deploy on CD not online

Option 4 – Nonprofit/Issue microsite

  1. Use of Flash to tell an emotional story
  2. 3 sections (story, testamonials, take action)

Examples: Design Can Change, 35W Bridge Fund, Instant Karma

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