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Chip Kidd in Minneapolis

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Part stand-up comedy, part design history, 100% creativity.  Take the chance to see Chip Kidd at The Minneapolis Central Library, Wednesday Feb, 27th 2008 at 7:00p.m. More information available here.

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Display Flash in a HTML page with the SwfObject

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So you've worked for hours on that award winning Flash project and you need to place your SWF in a HTML container for the world to see... The obvious solution is to open the publish settings and check the HTML format, allowing Flash to build everything you need. But ...

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Tips for building a killer portfolio

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As with everything there are lots of people with lots of different ideas about how to build a successful portfolio. Here's a list of some of the best theory surrounding online portfolios. Note: These are not tutorials. Build a killer online portfolio Creating the perfect portfolio 5 Tips for a Better Online Portfolio Preparing ...

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The all important webhost

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Ok so your building a website but where do you put it so everyone in the world can see? You need hosting and a domain name. On the up side both hosting and domain names have become very inexpensive so there's really no excuse not to have one. Shake out ...

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Actionscript Libraries to make your life easier

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Some times its just not worth the time and effort to write all that code. Actionscipt code libraries are pre-built functions that you can use for the desired effect. Here are a few of my favorites Movieclip tweening prototypes (LMC Tween) Fuse Kit (heavy duty animation, but watch out it has ...

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Sometimes its ok to cheat

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It's not very easy to remember all kinds of code unless you write it every day and even then memory fails. Enter the code cheat sheets. provides a great reference for both AS2 and AS3. Grab em today... Actionscript 2 Cheat Sheet Other helpful cheat sheets Javascript (Functions & Methods) Javascript (event handlers) HTML HTML ...

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Tutorial: Flash as page background

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Introduction This tutorial will teach you how to use a Flash movie under HTML content as a full page background. As an added benefit you'll also learn to create a Flash movie that fills  100% height and width of the screen. This tutorial assumes a basic understanding of Actionscript and makes ...

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Quarter Project MAS Lab 707

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Option 1 - Portfolio website 5-7 Work samples Resume/About Contact Information Use of flash to enhance story not detract from content Lots of examples at OnePageFolios & NetDiver Portfolios Option 2 - Choose your own adventure (animation) minimum 4 sections end of each section must present a choice (go here or there) Option 3 - Flash enhanced project pitch Use ...

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Free vector animation software

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Here's some software for those of you who are interested in animation without the interactive abilities of Flash (Read animation only). Synfig is a high end vector animation package for OSX, Windows and Linux that offers a lot of professional features for free. So if your interested in the type ...

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Flash Tutorials and Help

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There are lots of great Flash tutorial sites (Google is your friend here) but several that stick out are as follows. Adobe's Live Docs For Flash - Flash Documentation - Flash Tutorials - Tutorials and a great forum - Lots of tutorials but they're starting to age - inexpensive components - Great Flash forum

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